Rakuten Cloud stateful edge comes alive at Google Cloud Next ‘24

March 26, 2024
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The distributed cloud is growing rapidly with emerging technologies and advanced enterprise applications. And Rakuten Cloud is progressing in parallel with a complete suite of cloud infrastructure software to simplify edge cloud deployments.

In fact, we have two exciting cloud initiatives to share in our booth presence at Google Cloud Next ’24. We will be in booth 131 with a full set of demos as well as customers and partners discussing our Rakuten Cloud-Native Storage (CNS) and how it is embedded with Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) to create a stateful edge network.

Rakuten Cloud booth at Google Cloud Next '24

Google Cloud Next ’24 is a three-day global exhibition of inspiration, innovation, and education featuring visionary keynotes, the latest technology innovations, and live sessions on everything from generative AI to security.

Stateful Edge Enables Distributed Cloud

One of those live sessions (taking place on April 9 at 1:15 pm) will feature Partha Seetala, our President of the Cloud Business Unit, along with Vijay Tewari, Head of Product Management for Google Cloud Platform, Business Continuity. They will be discussing our breakthrough partnership with Google Cloud to build the stateful edge using Rakuten CNS as the persistent storage solution for GDC.

The stateful edge makes use of persistent storage and cloud-native infrastructure to optimize edge applications and services. The need for stateful edge is growing with deployments of edge applications in 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, self-driving vehicles, smart cities, video analytics and more.

Rakuten CNS is ideal for stateful edge

Rakuten CNS offers software-defined storage and a comprehensive set of application-aware services, including snapshots, clone, backup, encryption and business continuity.

Rakuten CNS allows organizations to run, store, and orchestrate edge-level data across thousands of sites—be they retail stores, bank branches, hospitals, manufacturing facilities or other. All with unhindered speed, scale and availability.

Rakuten CNS auto-ingests the application then auto-discovers and auto-monitors it and adapts it to resource changes over its entire lifecycle. The entire process is fully automated and needs no Kubernetes expertise.

Rakuten Cloud simplifies Kubernetes

Another big part of our presence at Google Next ’24 is Rakuten Cloud, our new brand under Rakuten Symphony to deliver solutions tailored for the enterprise market.

Our proven cloud-native solutions empower businesses to concentrate on core operations, while we handle their storage and data management complexities.

Rakuten Cloud offers advanced storage and data management that extend the agility, efficiency, and portability of Kubernetes to all stateful applications across any infrastructure including on-premises, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments.  This is crucial across a number of vertical industries, including manufacturing, retail, finance, IoT and governments, where distributed teams are in need of stateful edge capabilities.

We’re excited to show the distributed cloud possibilities that come with our Rakuten CNS and the Rakuten Cloud partnership with Google Cloud. Register for a meeting at the booth to learn more.

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