Cloud Native Orchestrator

Automated and scalable orchestration platform for bare-metal to services lifecycle operations management. Deploy your complete solution stack in minutes at the edge, far-edge, and core data center. Centrally manage hundreds of thousands of CNF and VNF capable Kubernetes clusters on a single Kubernetes platform.

Web scale platform for metal-service automation and orchestration

Bring cloud agility to your bare-metal infrastructure and automate lifecycle management tasks
Monitor, plan, heal and view dependencies between HW/SW,  services and connectivity
Automate with as-a-service deployment and management of RAN, packet core and MEC
Bring up an entire cell site in minutes with zero-touch deployment and configuration automation
Advanced MOPs, monitoring and planning tools with multitenancy and roles-based access
Multi-cluster-aware and can simultaneously run in multiple data centers

Reimagine orchestration at unprecedented scale – from bare metal to services

Rakuten Cloud Native Orchestrator reinvents operational efficiency with its hyperautomation capabilities. Streamline the orchestration and management of everything from bare-metal infrastructure and third-party appliances to VNFs/CNFs and service chains. Experience the power of integrated logging, monitoring, and policy engines, enabling closed-loop automation managed through a single pane of glass.

Discover the ease of 1-click application and network function onboarding, for massive-scale ecosystems spanning telco, cloud, and enterprise applications. Harness the flexibility of ingesting any script, like helm charts, to automate methods of procedures, orchestrating network elements, applications, or processes seamlessly.

Transform your operations from the core to the edge, turning days and weeks into mere minutes. Integrate multiple layers of orchestration and workflows into a single solution, perfect for swiftly scaling out 5G, Open RAN, and Multi-access Edge Computing applications, including CDN streaming, gaming, and more.
Break free! Get absolute freedom from vendors’ containerization roadmap and CNF/VNF silos
Empower your developers, DBAs, and data scientists to deploy, automate and orchestrate any application pipeline or workflow from a self-service app store in minutes.
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Experience our award-winning
cloud-native orchestration platform

Combining app-aware storage, virtual networking, and application workflow automation on Kubernetes
Workflow Studio
Log Storage
Bring Up Cluster
Upgrade Cluster
Change Configs
Deploy NF
Setup BIOS
Install OS
Configure Networking
Power Cycle
Upgrade OS
Deploy Rakuten Cloud Native Orchestrator
Rest API
Custom API
Object Store
Config Database
Baremetal Servers
Virtual Machines OpenStack
Network Switches
RAN, SDN, Core
Rakuten Cloud Clusters

Why customers choose Rakuten Cloud Native Orchestrator

App-aware storage with advanced, persistent data management capabilities

Efficiency in deployment

Accelerates infrastructure and service turn-up timeliness

Streamlined integration

Eliminates integration touchpoints and orchestration silos

Enhanced service performance

Improves performance and utilization of services

Resource pool flexibility

Enables shared resource pools with both containers and VMs in the same cluster

Optimized scalability

Small footprint that scales to over a million applications and appliances

Unified management

Single pane management for diverse elements ranging from infrastructure to services

World's First Telecom Edge Cloud Deployed in Production and Proven at Scale at Rakuten Mobile

First in-production
containerized 5G stack with


of subscribers

Enabling Open RAN
and core on COTS hardware


of subscribers

Massive reduction in deployment time


from 10 days to minutes

Running VNFs and CNFs in a single platform



The same cloud supports all industries and enterprises making the move to fully distributed real time operations

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