Cloud Native Platform

Experience our industry-leading Kubernetes platform optimized for running storage and network intensive applications. Automate your complex, data-centric applications in minutes. Get cloud-native agility and scalability with a single click.

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Deploy and manage any complex, stateful application “as-a-service”

Enable faster, cost-efficient, and automated rollout of 5G RAN, core and edge services
Runs anywhere – on bare metal and VMs on-premises, edge and cloud – any platform, any architecture
Easily automate day-2 operations and lifecycle management – in just minutes!
Streamline and drastically reduce the number of cloud platforms you need at the edge
Run and manage containers and VMs on a single Kubernetes platform with a common workflow
Centrally manage Kubernetes clusters from edge to cloud to private DCs
Break free! Get absolute freedom from vendors’ containerization roadmap and CNF/VNF silos
Empower your developers, DBAs, and data scientists to deploy, automate and orchestrate any application pipeline or workflow from a self-service app store in minutes.
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Experience our award-winning cloud-native suite

One single platform for unmatched
Elasticity • Scalability • Simplicity • Efficiency • Availability • Resiliency
  • App-Store experience
  • Thinnest footprint
  • Low-code interface
  • One-click automated deployment and LCM
  • PaaS cost model


The same cloud supports all industries and enterprises making the move to fully distributed real time operations

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