Open RAN 5G

Open RAN 5G

The Open RAN 5G solution disaggregates the hardware from the software to allow the mobile network operator to pick and choose each aspect of the network from a different vendor. Open RAN 5G solution consists of gNB virtual Centralized Unit (vCU), gNB virtual Distributed Unit (vDU), Symworld management, 3rd party O-RAN compliantRadio Units (O-RU) and antennas. The 5G solution is based on a CNF architecture.

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Open RAN 5G

Key Benefits

  • Software fabric that spans both LTE and 5G technology for ease of upgrade
  • RAN architecture evolution aided by NFV technology whereby baseband functions are decoupled from underlying hardware and deployed on carrier-grade NFV infrastructure
  • Software programmability and network automation
  • Reduced time to market as new services can be quickly realized in the SW without the need for hardware changes
  • Open interfaces based on O-RAN Alliance specifications to foster development of robust hardware and software ecosystem
  • Advanced algorithms for inter-site co-ordination over packet transport
  • Support for 3GPP higher layer split of the protocol stack and multiple options for the lower layer split
  • Based on 3GPP option-2and O-RAN option 7.2x split 5G protocol stack can be flexibly deployed as a set of CNFs to meet evolving 5G deployment scenarios
  • The implementation ofCUPS architecture allows control plane and user plane traffic on CU to be scaled independently.
  • API to support edge-based applications and automation of the network

The solutions for 4Gand 5G can run on a COTS server on a virtualized platform independent from the underlying hardware. Finally, vCU and vDU can interface to a radio according to the O-RAN specifications, allowing the operator to choose best-of-breed hardware both for servers and radio units.

A Part of

Open RAN

We offer a complete, multi-vendor 4G/5G open RAN that is proven at scale, and independently recognized for its world-class quality. Supporting the complete network lifecycle through to live operations, we are enabling operators to disrupt mature markets, lower costs, and rapidly roll out innovations from an open ecosystem of vendor partners.

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