Introducing Mobile as a SoftwareTM

Driving the benefits of cloud & software into mobile networks, helping operators achieve a massive total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction

The Software-Centric Telecom Revolution is Here

In the past 40 years, the way telecom builds and manages networks has not fundamentally changed. Meanwhile, enterprise IT has evolved with the speed and cadence of the Internet towards software-defined infrastructure, achieving massive cost savings and operational agility. 

Telcom needs to change and put software at the heart of everything it does, or the industry will continue to limit its own profitability and relevance.  

A Mobile as a SoftwareTM approach helps telcos breakaway from traditional planning and operating models by shifting focus towards inspection of each horizontal layer of the business, extracting cost from each layer through relentless automation, digitalization, and ongoing industrialization.

While disaggregating the telecom business, Rakuten identified five distinct layers plus automation as a vertical discipline across all layers.

Changing Telecom's Mindset.
Changing Telecom's Outcomes.

"Rakuten's mantra is relentless automation. We automate everything. Our obsession in moving all network layers into software is to enable data accessibility from all and programmability to all."
Narendra Narayana, President, Intelligent Operations Business Unit, Rakuten Symphony

The impact of a Mobile as as SoftwareTM approach can be evaluated at each horizontal layer along three simple foundational dimensions:

  1. The number of people required to perform the required delivery.
  2. The amount of equipment and tooling investment required to perform the required delivery.
  3. The length of time taken to perform the required delivery.
In Rakuten’s experience, when taking a software-centric approach, dramatic reductions can be made across all three dimensions when compared to traditional approaches.
Following the industrialization cycler for each layer drives discipline and efficiency in telecom planning and operations.

To understand how Rakuten Mobile industrialized each layer and placed software at the heart of everything, download "Mobile as a Software Explained".

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The question for existing operators is how to change.
It doesn’t require changing everything at once.

"We’re over 4 years into our Mobile as a Software journey and the reimagination of telecom. It’s not hype. It’s proven at scale, helping telcos achieve cost efficiencies and operational agility."
Tareq Amin, CEO, Rakuten Symphony

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