Leading the Way

In telecom, leadership should mean more than a race to create the boxes for the next G.

Leadership is being brave enough to take disruptive technologies from the lab and prove them in large scale deployments.

Rakuten is leading the way in challenging outdated conventions, learning from other industries, and creating the innovations required to take telecom into a new era.

Our solutions are as likely to be inspired by the hyperscale giants as telecom players. These companies have already solved the kinds of problems that operators increasingly need to solve: how to manage large fleets of infrastructure as one autonomous, distributed, self-healing system, and how to create platforms of operation rather than islands of specialty.

One example of Rakuten Symphony industry leadership is our Radio-as-a-Service offering, Symware™, a new generation of Distributed Unit that is cheaper, faster and easier to deploy and manage.

Symware is designed with an outdoor form factor for single person carry, zero touch provisioning, and ‘plug & play’ cabinet-free installation. It is weather hardened; bookshelf modelled and has a fan-less design to lessen the chance of failure.

Commercially, it is available on an as-a-Service basis, with hardware upgrade included, or bundled with the Rakuten Symphony software solution for the radio stack and fully automated operations out of the box. Technology advances, operating models and commercials all combine to enable Symware™ to disrupt the radio status quo, something that would not have been possible previously.

Leadership for Rakuten Symphony is not about the race for the next G. It is about knowing how to successfully run a network business as a modern digital-first concern, focusing on total system performance rather than individual pieces of equipment or technology domains. Doing networks right in this context means enabling dramatically different cost performance, operational performance and technology performance. 5G (or even 6G) becomes just one item in a roadmap alongside other technology innovations from within and outside the telecom industry.

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