A Revolutionary Solution

A revolutionary answer to the high total cost of ownership of conventional radio access networks.

Mobile network base stations represent the single largest cost item for operators, after spectrum, with single-vendor designs expensive to buy, deploy and upgrade.

This locks operators into a cycle of enormous capex every 5-7 years, and a steady degrade in customer experience as customer demands outstrip available capacity and features.

Symware is a revolutionary solution to these problems.

We reimagined RAN total cost of ownership to create a containerized distributed unit (DU), cell site routing and server in a single platform, with unique characteristics.

Open interfaces for flexibility and future-proofing.
Small and light to be deployable by a single person in minutes.
Cloud-native software making upgrades quick, easy and automated.
RAN-as-a-Service avoiding up-front capex.
Platform refresh every three years.

Symware is available in "bring your own vRAN" mode, or inclusive of our own fully-featured, industry-proven, open and virtualized RAN software from Altiostar.

Symware is built by Rakuten Symphony in partnership with trusted names in IT and networking: Intel and Juniper.

It's time to join the revolution.

4G Brownfield

5G adoption for 4G Brownfield operator

Upgrade radio to 4G/5G NR and virtualise RAN with existing 4G EPC

Symware deployed at cell site or in edge data center

5G Standalone

Upgrade radio to 5G NR and virtualise RAN

Symware deployed at cell site or in edge data center

Private 5G

Private network to provide 5G services for individual enterprises

Symware deployed on customer premise

Shared Networks

Share infra and operations securely with multiple operators within a region

Symware leverages open interfaces to integrate with systems from different telcos

Symware is deployed at the cell site or in the edge data center (operator neutral)

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