Site Manager - Symconnect

Site Manager - Symconnect

A mobile app allowing site engineers to manage and report on site build activities, integrated with the overall solution to provide instant access to the latest knowledge, avoid potential conflicts, and ensure data accuracy across operations.

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Site Manager - Symconnect

Key Benefits

  • Field Service Mobility through an easily configurable mobile application that enhances operators’ productivity and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time Collaboration with centralized access to a knowledge base that allows technicians to act proactively on issues, make error free moves and resolve them within timelines.
  • In-app task notification enables the work orders to be pushed to a mobile device, eliminating the need to return to the office to pick up paper-based forms.
  • Timestamp Recording and Task visibility enable recording the check-in and check-out status of technicians to have end-to-end tasks’ visibility with instant information access, which helps to track the field tech productivity.
  • Offline Task Execution allows field techs to do their jobs even in remote locations with fluctuating or no connectivity. It enables them to continue to execute tasks and capture site data.
  • In-App Navigation and Geo-Tagging facilitate technicians to reach the site on time through intuitive GIS maps and increased visibility of the site periphery.

End-to-end Visibility of future planned events so they can be reported and prepared accordingly. It mobilizes business processes, thereby increasing the field technician’s performance.

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The Symbuild solution is comprised of apps that work to automate your journey from planning to managing and maintaining sites. With Symbuild, planning is automatically fed into inventory management and site commissioning is automatically updated with the scan of a barcode. All of this is provisioned across all radio configurations and types including macro, micro, indoor and femto.

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