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Enterprise Private 5G: Rakuten Symphony Solution

Kapil Lohia
Director of Presales
Rakuten Symphony
March 14, 2023
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What is a private 5G network? 

A private 5G network enables the deployment of 5G services for an enterprise’s private use. It provides dedicated bandwidth for enterprises in ports and airports, oil and gas exploration, mining, public safety, transport and logistics, medical services and manufacturing, enabling high-end, low-latency and secure communication solutions to execute various use cases. 

Private 5G Network's influence across enterprises
Private 5G Network's influence across enterprises.

As per 3GPP, a private 5G network can be deployed as: 

  • A standalone private network operated by an enterprise operator without dependency on the network services provided by communication service providers (CSP). In this scenario, the enterprise manages spectrum and edge devices.  
  • A private network integrated with a public mobile network with spectrum owned by CSPs that provides support services and maintenance for the network devices deployed. 
Private 5G network: Various characteristics categorized in standalone and TSP integrated private network
Various characteristics categorized in standalone and TSP integrated private network.

Rakuten Symphony’s solution for enterprises 

Rakuten Symphony’s Symworld™ is the operating platform providing operations with coherence, intelligence and zero-touch automation.  

Unlike traditional deployments, Symworld™ platform can be deployed with cloud-native network services based on open standards and advanced automation capabilities which enable operators and enterprises to build secure and scalable networks at high speed and low cost.  

Being hardware agnostic, the solution helps enterprises to achieve a cost effective and a rigid software-based solution which is easy to manage at central and at enterprise level. 

Symworld™ platform includes network components, cloud infrastructure, and monitoring and automation solutions for the deployment and management of enterprise networks. 

Layers within the Symworld™ platform
Layers within the Symworld™ platform.
  • Symworld™ Intelligent Operations is the cloud-native management software system that allows service providers to plan, deploy, operate and monetize various consumer and enterprise-level mobile network services. It comprises multiple product components suitable for telco and non-telco applications and use cases ideal for an enterprise.  
  • Symworld™ network offers a complete 5G Open RAN proven at scale and independently recognized for its world-class quality. Supporting the entire network lifecycle through to live operations, Symworld™ network enables enterprises to lower costs and rapidly roll out innovations from an open ecosystem of vendor partners. 
  • Symworld™ unified cloud is an industry-leading open-source Kubernetes platform optimized for running storage and network-intensive applications. It helps automate complex applications in minutes and with cloud-native agility and scalability for complex data-centric applications. 

Symworld™ components help enterprises to deploy both standalone and integrated-type deployments of a private network, as depicted in the example below: 

Symworld™ components help enterprises to deploy both standalone and integrated-type deployments of a private network
Symworld™ components help enterprises to deploy both standalone and integrated-type deployments of a private network.

Rakuten Symphony's vision on private 5G networks  

With the advent of 5G private network licenses worldwide, Rakuten Symphony is open to collaborating with enterprises to tap into this space with world-class automation and operational capabilities with its Open RAN and Symworld™ platform. 

Rakuten Symphony also plans to set up its own private 5G network in Bengaluru, India, at its existing facility to enable use cases in education, healthcare and manufacturing. 

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