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Celebrating Women Every Day

Angela Nicolaou
Rakuten Symphony
March 8, 2022
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International Women's Day provides an opportunity to put the spotlight on how women have overcome adversity in the workplace and to #BreakTheBias, but growing up, this was always the "normal" way of life for our family.  Women were always respected, encouraged and fearless. It was the staple of our foundation to have a strong work ethic, yet be compassionate towards our neighbors and in anything we chose to do. We lifted each other up and inspired each other to do our best. We reached out when we saw anyone in need.

I am honored to work for a company dedicated to the same core values. A company that celebrates the achievement of women, not only today, but every day throughout the year, empowering us to be successful and supporting the next generation of innovative leaders.  In memory of my father today, who was our biggest cheerleader, I wish everyone a happy International Women’s Day!

We are excited to celebrate International Women's Day and introduce you to the innovative leaders breaking the bias at Rakuten Symphony! We will be sharing some of their inspirational stories and insights throughout the month and welcome you to join us in celebrating our future leaders in telecom.

Providing a platform to the women helping to reimagine telecom:

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