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Automation at Speed

Change Acceleration Starts Today

  • Strive for cross-domain automation culture​
  • Build foundations for self-healing and autonomy
  • ​Align integration to industry standards like TMF, open APIs​
  • Leverage cloud-native, microservices-based platforms that can scale with business needs
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Automation Center of Excellence Across BAU Initiatives

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Symphony Automation & AI Features

Seamless Integration

Easily integrates with existing modules, expanding automation possibilities.

Multilingual CI/CD Pipeline

Supports scripts in any language, with built-in quality, security, and vulnerability checks.


Cloud-native architecture adapts to growing network demands.

Rich Library

Pre-built scripts and workflows for quick implementation.

Easy Search & Preview

Find and review existing automations effortlessly.

Use-Case Driven

Targeted implementation based on specific needs.

Operational Governance

Centralized control for all automation tasks.

KPI & TCO Driven

Aligns with business metrics for maximum ROI.

Automation Team Lead Diagram

Why Choose Rakuten 
for Automation?

We don't just sell solutions; we use them at scale in our own operations. Experience unmatched efficiency, reliability, and innovation, proven in the most demanding real-world scenarios.

Key Benefits

Competitive Advantage

Boosts market agility, drive growth and increase market share.

Technical Excellence

Elevate network performance, exceed customer expectations and reinforce tech leadership.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce operating expenses, optimize resource usage, and boost the bottom line.

Operational Industrialization

Streamline workflows, reduce manual errors, and optimize resource allocation.

Automated Operations


Operations & Incident Resolutions


aged ticket reduction


VNF Auto-healing availability in Rakuten mobile

Backup and restore automation

~3 hours

Deploys in weeks

versus months or years

Fault Monitor

Configuration Manager

Performance Manager

Cloud Observability

Ticket RCA Compliance soared to


Response time improved by


for various natural disasters

Closed-Loop Automation

Proven at Scale

Saved 20 minutes per ticket through automation

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