RAN Commander: Network Planning & Optimization Solution

Advanced cloud-native planning, complemented by powerful geospatial analytics and algorithms focusing on coverage, interference, capacity and customer experience management.

Solution Brief: Symworld RAN Commander

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Combine as one cloud-based solution for all your RAN planning and optimization needs.

Bringing Automation to RAN Planning & Optimization

Symphony RAN Commander offers RAN planning and optimization automation by providing tools and algorithms to design and optimize wireless networks.

  • Data-driven approach
  • Cost savings
  • Accuracy
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Speed

RAN Commander Planning and Optimization:
Total Solution

End to End Network Rollout Automation

Symworld Platform- Enabling Automation, Democratizing Data and Providing Seamless Integration

Symworld Platform is the foundation of the RAN Commander Planning and Optimization Suite. It facilitates the RAN planner and optimizer to seamlessly integrate with each other and RAN Commander to communicate with other Symworld applications to utilize the data for improved planning and optimization.

Key Benefits

  • Operational scalability by eliminating the need for 4G and 5G expertise and enabling brownfield installations
  • Unparalleled efficiency and cost savings with automated operations
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based unique RF modeling
  • Automated selection of the most appropriate predictive algorithm
  • Proactively troubleshoot and optimize the network
  • Resilience with centralized management and real-time adaptations
  • Enhances and maintains spectral efficiency by utilizing spectrum assets to their full potential
  • Prevents faults before they impact the subscriber experience
  • Accelerates 4G and 5G rollout and improves wireless design quality with accurate mapping and direct access to crowdsourced data
  • Coverage predictions increase engineering productivity and reduce the cost of updating and sharing network coverage simulations
  • Address traffic demand, improve coverage and capacity, and drive customer experience with automation and network optimization
  • Accelerated time-to-market

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