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Telecom, Reimagined

Providers of telecom services have never been more challenged as businesses in the last two decades, despite being an increasingly critical component of social, business and economic life.

While other companies have profited from increased network availability and capacity, telecom operators have struggled to keep pace with customer and stakeholder expectations, and the financial burden associated with building out and operating complex, large-scale infrastructure.

However, new technologies, concepts and approaches now make it possible to establish a new kind of operator. One that sets new benchmarks for speed, agility, operating efficiency, quality, security and customer experience.

Rakuten Symphony is a breakthrough for operators in the convergence of IT and telecom.

Where Hyperscale

meets Telecom.

Imagine the best attributes of a hyperscale business fused with the best of telecom. Now imagine that being available to any business that needs to deliver flexible, scalable, reliable, secure, affordable communications at low cost and high quality. That’s Rakuten Symphony.

It's Time for Change

The conventional approach to building and operating mobile networks no longer delivers in the context of the modern market, where speed and agility are critical.

The gap between 5G’s promise and its reality demonstrates the need for a new option: consumer revenues won’t payback the massive cost of 5G, and enterprises are starting to turn to hyperscale companies to provide private networks. Conventional telecom needs a new option, a modern option - now.

Rakuten Symphony has reimagined telecom based on a modern approach to operations, and a revolutionary new platform.

We embraced the principles of disaggregated networks and open interfaces, to drive down costs and enable greater choice and flexibility. We developed a single, unified, data-driven, AI-enabled platform that provides zero-touch automation for our 100% cloud-native network.

We developed and validated the hundreds of automated procedures that power one of the world’s largest, most sophisticated cloud-native networks: Rakuten Mobile.

Our experience and innovations allow our customers to build and operate advanced, secure, high-quality networks at a substantially lower cost than conventional networks. Our approach guarantees the freedom to choose from a wide ecosystem of third-party vendors, now and in the future.

The Choice

Faced with the opportunities and threats of cloud, but the certainty of greater complexity and costs, telecom operators, both new and established, now have a choice:


To continue with the existing approach and be increasingly challenged from a lead time, cost, and agility point of view.


Start from scratch to create their own cloud-native approach, operation and commercial model, essentially re-inventing an existing wheel.


Partner with Rakuten Symphony and benefit from what already exists, is proven, and build on a momentum of change without losing any future control, choice, or ownership.

Put simply, Rakuten Symphony represents the most advanced and lowest-risk strategy to achieving the goals of a step-change in operating performance, reducing vendor lock-in and innovating for customers.

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