Intelligent Operations

The Intelligent Operations delivered by Rakuten Symphony represent a true breakthrough in how cloud-native networks are planned, built and operated.

From a single, intelligent, cloud-native platform, Rakuten Symphony customers can analyse and manage every aspect of their network’s lifecycle.

By disaggregating and virtualizing network functions, we have eliminated layers of proprietary management systems that add complexity and cost for operators.

By creating a single, unified cloud infrastructure using COTS components, we have eliminated proprietary hardware, reducing network TCO still further.

By containerizing network software, we have created a scalable, elastic network that offers automated, telco-grade resilience.

AI and machine learning are applied to network-wide data, predicting and detecting anomalies more reliably, and resolving faults 70% faster than conventional methods.

Our unique observability framework provides operators with a clear, consistent view of the status of services and underlying cloud infrastructure.

Our zero-trust security model, combined with extensive automation, ensures the most up-to-date protection against cyber threats and human error.

Using industry-standard open interfaces from 3GPP, TMForum, Open RAN Alliance, ETSI and others, we have created a flexible, future-proof foundation that gives operators more, not less, choice.

With Symworld™, we provide all of the applications needed to plan, build, deploy, operate, monitor, manage and secure a complex, multi-vendor network. A data driven platform with 50+ integrated applications that provide data into a common data lake and receive AI driven insight. Those applications sharing a common data platform, eliminates integration tax, manual processes, data duplication and fragmented software license management.

Subsets of applications can be chosen to solve specific tasks, an example being a major network operator selecting the Rakuten Symphony Observability Framework applications as their starting point.

When this platform is adopted, data driven automation for the end to end life cycle of planning, deploying, securing, monitoring and operation edge data centers, of which Rakuten can access 1,000+ today.

Data-driven, AI-enabled, Intelligent Operations is at the heart of the new generation of a low-cost, high quality telecom operator that Rakuten Symphony makes possible.

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