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Conventional approaches to buying, building and operating telecom networks are too slow and too expensive.

By reimagining telecom, Rakuten Symphony makes it possible to launch and operate advanced mobile services in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional approaches, with no compromise to network quality or security. It's about time.

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Rakuten Symphony represents the most advanced and lowest-risk strategy to achieving the goals of a step-change in operating performance, reducing vendor lock-in and innovating for customers.

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Symware collapses the cost and complexity of building and operating a mobile network. While fully supporting industry standards, it gives operators the freedom to innovate at speed and scale.

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Symworld is everything that modern communications service providers need to plan, build and operate advanced, secure, high quality networks, in a single, revolutionary platform.

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Rakuten Symphony

Join the conductors of the future as we reimagine telecom and challenge the status quo. 


Transparently Better

With its unique commercial model, Symware means no hidden costs, with a free platform refresh.
Symware allows service providers to use their own choice of virtualized software.


for Business

Has simplified and optimized RAN from the ground up to give service providers a true low-cost, no-compromise alternative.

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Everything about Symware is built for speed. Speed of installation, speed of provisioning, speed of upgrade.
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